The Teachings

Since White Hall Meditation was founded in 2013, there have been many talks given on the Wednesday evening sessions by various teachers and stored on this website.   In order to provide easier and relevant access, the talks have been arranged by the three divisions of the steps of the Eightfold Path which is what the Buddha prescribed to end our suffering. The Path is divided into eight steps which are combined into three divisions: Wisdom, Conduct, and Practice.

Clicking on each of the division links below will take you to a page with the relevant talks. The format of the talks are either web pages, pdf’s or links to recommended books. Your feedback on how this arrangement works for you is most welcome.

Wisdom is gaining an understanding of what life is really about and adopting the three intentions of letting go (generosity), loving-kindness, and compassion. The two steps in this division are Skillful Understanding and Skillful Intention

Conduct is adopting core virtues and living your life in accordance with them.  The three core virtues are Skillful Speech, Skillful Action, and Skillful Livelihood.

Practice is what we do to build our awareness and realize peace, happiness, joy, freedom and equanimity. The three steps are Skillful Effort, Skillful Mindfulness and Skillful Concentration.

Sutta Study includes a guide to the background and study of the Buddha’s teachings (discourses). Various suttas presented as talks at White Hall Meditation are included.