Robert Hodge MD

(Bob) first came to White Hall in 1976 and returned in 2013 after 16 years in Columbia, Missouri.  In addition to his professional career at the University of Missouri, he was an Insight Meditation teacher at Show Me Dharma.  He has studied under Matt Flickstein and the late Ginny Morgan, in addition to attending numerous meditation retreats and teacher-training courses. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, he was on the faculty of the Department of Internal Medicine and is now Professor Emeritus. Bob is also a certified Enneagram Teacher in the Oral Tradition by Helen Palmer and David Daniels and has conducted workshops on The Enneagram and Mindfulness.


Laura Good

Laura Good has practiced mediation for most of her life, and began studying Vipassana in 1999 with Howard Cohn at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. While living on the west coast, she also practiced with many Spirit Rock teachers during numerous retreats, workshops and weekly sanghas and has led KM groups in Los Angeles and Nashville.  Throughout her travels around the world as a professional musician, she has studied many forms of Buddhism and uses her knowledge of Pali chanting, music, art and yoga in her life and work.  She is graduate of Columbia College, where she was a Weisman Scholar and earned a degree in Music and Creative Writing. She recently settled in Charlottesville with her family.