Dana (donations)

The practice of dana (the Pali word for generosity) is an integral part of the Buddhist tradition.  Since the Buddha taught over 2500 years ago, the teachings have been offered freely to everyone.  The teachings are invaluable; it is not possible to put a price on them.  Throughout the ages, teachers of the dharma have been supported by those who have given freely to continue this practice and allow others to benefit.  Dana is also the opportunity to practice generosity, a way of sharing and letting go.

White Hall Meditation is part of this tradition.  Teachings are offered freely and all support is by donation only.  There are, of course, expenses.  Through the generosity of those who are able and wish to support White Hall Meditation, we are able to continue to offer the teachings on a weekly basis.  Giving dana is entirely optional.

There is a dana basket present at each session for those who wish to contribute.  Offerings by check should be made out to White Hall Meditation.

Dana can also be mailed to White Hall Meditation, 4 Pine Shadow Court, Savannah, GA 31411 or you can click the Donation link on the right hand side of this page.

Here is our current financial report for 2021:  White Hall Meditation Finance Report 2021