Insight Meditation and Uncertainty

August 28, 2013


What does insight meditation do?

It helps us to be more aware in our lives and to develop a new relationship with our mind.  It helps us to realize that the thoughts, perceptions, memories, and body sensations are just phenomena that arise and fall in the mind.  We don’t have to attach to them or resist them.

What is beginner’s mind?

As we grow older, we fill our minds with beliefs and so call knowledge.  This can impede the way we view the world so that we are not able to take a fresh look at things.  The beginner’s mind, as in a child, is a state of not-knowing.

Why is it difficult to deal with uncertainty?

The mind seeks stability and uses beliefs and so called knowledge for protection and peace of mind.  We come to know by experience that this strategy is not a long term cure.

How can we deal with uncertainty?

Though insight meditation, we come to look at uncertainty directly knowing that life is uncertain.  By dealing with it head on, we gain more flexibility and freedom in our lives.


Notice when uncertainly arises and look at it mindfully without judgment.  What do you experience?