The Virtual Notebook

The Virtual Notebook is an online compilation of the core teachings (dharma) for those following the path to peace, happiness and freedom from suffering (stress).

You can make your own hard copy notebook by printing out the following pdf files.  The Practice of Mindfulness:  A Guide is the first entry followed by other talks.  Unlinked entries will be available at a later date.  All topics will be periodically updated with the latest version.  Please help us to improve the Virtual Notebook by giving us your feedback (click here).

The Practice of Mindfulness A Guide
How We Experience Life – Perception
Living a Skillful Life
Living with Wisdom  11/14/2018
Living Mindfully 11/28/18
Loving-Kindness Series 2018 Version 10222018
Love: What it is and isn’t
Daily Life Practice I 1 2 2019  Prevent the Arising of Unwholesome States of Mind
Daily Life Practice II 1 9 2019  Overcome Unwholesome States of Mind Which Have Arisen
Daily Life Practice III 1 16 2019  Strive for Wholesome States of Mind to Arise
Daily Life Practice IV 1 23 2019  Maintain Those Wholesome States Which Have Arisen
The Role of the Teacher in Spiritual Practice I 1 30 19
The Role of the Teacher in Spiritual Practice II 2 6 2019
The Role of the Sangha in Spiritual Practice 3 6 2019
Love Fredrickson 4 25 2019
Brahma Vihara Meditation Phrases
Core Buddhist Teachings and their Application to Daily Life 6 19 2019
Core Buddhist Teachings and their Application to Daily Life Final Session 6 26 2019
Mindfulness and Compassion 6 26 2019
The Second Arrow Sallattha Sutta 8 14 2019
Letting Go 2019
Aging Series 2019
Desire, Aversion, Delusion and the Road to Suffering 2019
Skillful Intention in Family Relationships 12 2019
The Practice of Mindfulness Meditation
What are you becoming 2 2020
The Buddha and Consumerism March 11 2020
The Buddha and the Coronavirus I March 18, 2020