Non-Residential Retreat

Five Kinds of Happiness
An Insight Dialogue Non-residential Retreat
June 21-23, 2019
led by Sharon Beckman-Brindley

The Buddha developed and then taught about states of happiness: those that are dependent on conditions and those that are not dependent on any conditions at all. The path that he gave us is primarily a path to the latter: a happiness that is completely independent of conditions. Sometimes, it can appear, however, that the teachings are leading us away from the ordinary happiness of the simple pleasant: contact with the natural world, with relational belonging, with a healthy body and a mature and healthy and integrated mind. 

Part of the challenge of understanding and then cultivating abiding happiness involves – like a doctor or mechanic – diagnosing the question of happiness/unhappiness correctly so that we can apply the proper medicine or intervention.  Even more strongly, the Buddha taught that we can learn the fundamentals of his teachings but that we each, ultimately, have to be our own doctor, our own mechanic. We have to learn how to apply the deepest teachings to our own lives, our own strengths and limitations, our own spiritual practice. We have to learn our own unique ways of remembering and honoring our own deepest wisdom.

This non-residential meditation retreat will combine periods of silent sitting and walking meditation with the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue (ID), a practice of speaking and listening that brings together the deep wisdom teachings of Buddhism with our everyday relationship. ID has the same traditional roots and purposes as silent meditation: mindfulness, compassion and liberating insight while investigating together our lived present moment (relational) experience. See for more on the practice of Insight Dialogue

Sharon Beckman-Brindley, a clinical psychologist, is co-founder and a current teacher at the Insight Community of Charlottesville (IMCC) and a senior teacher of the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue.  Her offerings blend deep inquiry into the Dhamma with practical insights from modern western psychology.

Dates and Times:
Friday, June 21     7 PM – 9 PM
Saturday, June 22    9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday,  June 23     9:00 AM – 1 PM

Location:  White Hall Meditation, Farmhouse at Wyndefields, 2766 Browns Gap Tpke Charlottesville, VA

Registration:  The registration fee is $30 and donations (dana) to the teacher.  Scholarships are available.

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