Enneagram Workshop

Exploring Your Personality with the Enneagram

An Enneagram Workshop presented by Sandra Hodge PhD and Robert Hodge MD

Saturday, September 14, 2019   9AM – 5PM

PDF Sept 14 2019 Enneagram Workshop

The Enneagram is a well-established model of human development based on nine personality types and their interrelationships.  Each person falls into one of the nine basic types, seeing life from a distinctly different point of view.  This point of view, which forms our type, developed when we were very young children and was based on how we perceived the world at that time.

Each type has specific mental and emotional habits, acted out in certain ways.  Basically, we can define type as what a person thinks and feels.  It operates as a strategy to cope with the demands of life and functions as a filter through which everything and everyone is perceived.  As we grow up, our type becomes part of our fabric, in the sense that using it becomes an unconscious process.

The Enneagram provides a structure for observing how we use our strategy, or type, in our everyday life and allows us to become more conscious of how it affects our choices.  It is a powerful and effective approach to enhancing communication and rapport, allowing us to recognize the unique contributions each type brings to relationships.  The Enneagram is used to describe current behavior in terms of motivations that drive the behavior and can accurately predict how behavior will change under conditions of stress and in secure life situations.  As we become more skilled in observing how type affects our decision-making, we begin to have greater freedom in our choices, no longer operating from an unconscious strategy.  This leads to greater self-understanding and deeper relationships with others. 

Sandy and Bob Hodge are certified Enneagram Instructors trained by Helen Palmer in the Oral Tradition. They have conducted many workshops domestically and internationally.

Registration:  $25 (includes a workbook)

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